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The Disney Caribbean Resort
Offers one of my
Favorite Themes

disney caribbean resort Often referred to as the Disney Caribbean resort - Disney's Carribean Beach Resort brings a taste of the islands to central Florida.

This is one of the Disney moderate resorts. Which means it is offers a bit more than the Disney Value Resorts in terms of space and amenities but less than the deluxe resorts.

The property of the Disney Caribbean resort is very large and is divided up into separate "villages". Each village is named after a different Caribbean island. And they all surround a body of water called Barefoot Bay. The Bay is beautifully landscaped and has small man made beaches with chairs and hammocks. Each village also has it's own pool and then there is one big main pool for the whole resort.

There is a table service restaurant at this resort and many counter service options. Also there is limited room service in the evenings.

The rooms measure in at 314 square feet with 2 double beds in each. And each room has a mini fridge and coffeemaker. To give an idea of how large the property actually is - there are 2,112 guestrooms at this resort.

My Disney Caribbean Beach Experience

A few years ago my family of five (at the time) had the opportunity to stay at this Carribean Beach resort. We loved the island theme and the Barefoot Bay. The kids had a blast playing in the sand and my husband and I were able to relax a bit in the hammocks. The pools were perfect and refreshing.

But the sheer size of the Disney Caribbean resort was a bit of a drawback. It was a long walk to the buses - especially with small children. While the rooms are more spacious than at the value resorts they are still a bit cramped. The capacity is four people and one crib max - which is what we had. Every inch was covered by us and our stuff.

Dining was also an issue. Although there was a table service restaurant (excellent food) we did not have a Disney dining plan , and this option was pricey for us.

But counter service was tedious. There were quite a few options but each type of food was offered at a different counter service restaurant. So pizza was in one section and burgers in another, etc - and there were separate cashiers for each section. So if one of my kids wanted a burger and another wanted pizza I would have to get the burger at one place and pay. And then go to the pizza area and get that and pay. This meant waiting in several different lines - which could be long at times. By the time I got around to getting my meal the kids were already done with theirs and were ready to run around. Definitely a bit stressful.

I am not sure if the folks a the Disney Caribbean Beach Resort have consolidated the checkout process by this time - but I hope they have. It would certainly make the entire experience more fun.

UPDATE: In 2009 many of the rooms at the Disney Caribbean resort have taken on a pirate theme that the kids are sure to love. The beds look like pirate ships - even I think it's pretty cool. Also, the main pool has been renovated in pirate style for swashbucklers young and old.

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